Bringing Home Your First Baby vs. Bring Home Your First PSK

Let's talk about how scary it is to bring home your first baby. Be it a critter or a human, it is intimidating. They put this life into your hands and you're supposed to keep it alive. You're supposed to nurture it. You're supposed to teach it right from wrong. Whatever you do, don't eff this up!


Let's compare this to bringing home your first essential oils kit. If you're new to the world of essential oils you're probably looking at a few shiny new bottles of liquid that probably cost more than you anticipated. You don't want to waste them. You don't want to use them the wrong way. You read a “fear mongering” article about essential oils and now you’re scared for your life. Just when you start to gain some courage, your cousin's boyfriend's uncle's daughter sends you a link to an article which claims these new oils can harm that baby mentioned in the previous paragraph. What. The. Heck.

It's scary, people. Both of these things; raising babies and using essential oils. I’m doing both right now. You have to dig deep into your soul and trust yourself to make the right decisions day after day. When you bring home that new baby you can only so many phone calls to your doctor or vet before they cut you off or start charging you an hourly fee.Who is going to hold you hand and walk you through this? I know, all my internet friends...

Just like I hope you've found a support group for you as you raise your baby, I can offer you a support group as you start using essential oils. First, there’s me. I’m not a sell it and forget it kind of girl. I’m a start a relationship kind of girl. I’m here for support and reassurance when you are overwhelmed looking at that box.

Second, there are groups of oily folks out there who want nothing but the best for you and your family. Experienced essential oilers who have used these for years and guess what; no ill effects have overtaken their babies. They are active daily sharing ideas, educating about what specific oils are used for, and always there for support when I can’t be reached right away (even with oils I still need a vacation every now and then). 

It's a lot harder to mess both of these things up than you think. If you're using high quality oils, not using a whole bottle in one sitting, and starting slow, you're going to be fine. You’re also not going to “waste” oils since every drop you let out of that bottle is one drop towards your health. If you spill some, don’t cry; use your hands and feet to wipe it up thenrub it all over yourself! Clearly you just needed extra oily support! 

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