Your Check Engine Light is On


Let’s talk about what it means when your check engine light is on; something is broke. Is it actually your engine? No, it could be one of the many systems in your car that support your engine. Can you focus on the light and just turn that off? Go ahead and tear that dash open and rip out that light bulb, you're not solving the problem. You can reset the computer, but it is just a matter of time before that check engine light pops up again. 

Your body isn’t much different. Symptoms are just like a check engine light, and yet we focus on the symptoms and don’t always look for the root cause. We want a quick fix. Sometimes modern medicine leads us down the same path... 

  • Headache? Take some Advil
  • Heartburn? Tums
  • Rash? Spread some cream on it
  • Acne? More cream
  • Congested? Oh get that crap out of there; decongestant! 
  • The list goes on and on...  

What if we changed our way of thinking? What if we supported all the systems in our car on a regular basis rather than waiting on that check engine light to come on? What if we supported the systems in our body as part of our daily routine instead of waiting for those symptoms to appear? 

THAT, my friends, is exactly what essential oils are all about. Don’t wait for the check engine light to come on. Support your systems now and never see that check engine light again. You may have the means to go out and purchase a new car when you see fit, but you only get one body. Show it some love. 

As for the people who still hold on to the notion that just ripping open the dash and removing the lightbulb is still the best plan, I hope you don't care for your body the same way! 


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