A Skeptics Guide to Getting Started with Essential Oils

All this hype with essential oils can make it overwhelming to get started. You have a friend
(me?) selling Young Living, another friend selling that DoTERRA, and another friend who swears those oils from Amazon and the Grocery store work "good enough". Maybe you aren't even sold on the idea of using essential oils. Are they right for you? Your family? Your pets? Here is my mostly unbiased guide to where to start your research. 

🌱1🌱 Find your why; why do EOs appeal to you? 
💧Household - replace candles? green cleaning?
💧Personal - replace or enhance your current skincare/dental/hair care regimes? 
💧Health benefits - Immunity support, better sleep, therapeutic benefits, etc?
You could start for one reason and experiment with the others. It could even be as simple as "They smell good". This is a perfectly acceptable reason to start. Hell, it roped me in!

🌱2🌱 Find a guide. One you can trust and doesn't make you want to vomit in your mouth (I personally still roll my eyes at some testimonies, so I prefer a guide with science, not stories of how someone whipped out their EO kits to save the day). A guide does not need to be brand specific, but a brand specific guide certainly does help you navigate the blends. Guides can link you to research and information beyond anything I had ever known about. Feel free to check out some links here on my Education page, or check out some of my virtual classes

🌱3🌱 Select a brand. This can be straight forward or more complicated. What is important to you? Quality? Price? Selection? Do you only want oils, or do you want a brand that sells supplements, skincare, makeup, cleaning supplies, dental care, and more? Is having the option to start your own business a factor? How about support; do you want someone to sell you oils and leave you alone, or do you want to be included in a large brand specific support group to bounce ideas off of and learn from? 

🌱4🌱 Make a wish list. What do you want to gain from these oils? Which oils will support your goals? (Hint: this is where that guide comes in handy). Will you use these oils topically, aromatically, or ingest them? Maybe you'll try all 3. What will you need aside from EOs to use them? A diffuser? Roller bottles? Carrier oil? Empty capsules? There's no need to go crazy and buy all this stuff at once, these are just ideas. You can pick up a few bottles of EOs and get started with stuff laying around your house. Heck, just open the bottle and sniff, dilute with any oil you have around, or add a few drops to products you already use (soaps, lotions, shampoos). You don't need to make this expensive. 

🌱5🌱 Get started! Order some oils and just get oily with your bad self. You can't really screw up here. There are a few general safety guidelines which I can elaborate more on later, but the basic rules are
☝🏻dilute your EOs to start
☝🏻never put them in your eyes or ears
☝🏻if you have a reaction to an EO rub more carrier oils on to dilute then wipe off; water will push the oils into your skin. Same rule for EOs in your eye by accident; grab that bottle of cooking oil and flush your eye
☝🏻Keep them away from kids. If your kids do ingest them, have them drink and/or eat something with a high fat content.

🌱If this sounds daunting or scary, it's not. I promise! You could skip all the above and go for my method; order a starter kit and bull your way through. 😂 Or you can reach out and let me help you through any of the above steps. I can even spare you a few bucks and share the resources I have above and help you skip a few steps. Want to try before you buy? Let's get together or reach out to me; I have ways to make this happen. I love sharing!

Getting started with essential oils can be difficult. In our house, we get it. 

Getting started with essential oils can be difficult. In our house, we get it. 

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