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Nature’s Ultra CBD Infused with Young Living Essential Oils

Nature’s Ultra CBD Infused with Young Living Essential Oils


What is CBD?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, has been a huge market for some time now. Used in many of the way we use our essential oils, CBD has captured the hearts of many skeptics. It is a constituent of marijuana and hemp. It is non-psychoactive as quality CBD oil does not contain THC, the constituent which gets you “high”. For more information you can read this handy little handout.

Why this CBD?

Nature’s Ultra (NU) CBD has been verified and tested by Young Living’s stringent Seed to Seal process, which is stricter than organic farming laws. You can be assured what is in the bottle is free from pollutants and adulterants. This CBD is guaranteed to contain 0.00% THC, which is important if you have a job which requires random drug screening. Nature’s Ultra has shared their 3rd party lab results here.

How do I order CBD?

Current Young Living members may link their account following these instructions. Once linked, you can order straight from Nature’s Ultra with assurance you’ll get the best quality products. At this time CBD is not available for purchase through your monthly Essential Rewards order, and PV from Nature’s Ultra will not count towards monthly promotions.

If you are not a Young Living Member, there are several options, from best to worst, in my humble opinion...

  1. Sign up with a Premium Starter Kit ($165) - 14 essential oils, a diffuser, PLUS discounted CBD!

  2. Sign up with a Basic Starter Kit ($45) - 1 essential oil PLUS discounted CBD!

  3. Sign up with a Young Living Retail Account ($0) and pay full price for CBD.

  4. Skip the Young Living account and fly solo and pay full price for CBD.

A Young Living account gives you a support system, more of which you can read about here. If you were sent here by another rep please ask for their member ID, otherwise you may use mine: 12601233. If you would like to sign up with a retail account, you can call Young Living at 1-800-371-3515 and ask to set up a retail account.

Once you have a Young Living account you can link to Nature’s Ultra and order on their website,, by following these instructions.