Other random crap

I haven't found a home for some of my ramblings below, but I can't find myself to delete it. Feel free to read or move on, the choice is yours.


getting over the "mlm Thing

Multi-level Marketing, MLM, pyramid selling, pyramid scheme. There are tons of companies out there using this model, some we've known since childhood. I've always been skeptical of this business model. Consider this, though; if you're going to buy a product, what is the most reliable source of information you have? Are you more likely to buy something if you see an add for it, or if your friend says "This product is amazing."

There is also the notion that companies who utilize MLM jack up their prices so they can pay their customers to sell their products. Sure, they have to pay their "independent consultants", but they save money on external marketing; commercials, print, etc. Money better spent if you believe direct marketing through friends is more valuable than a commercial.

I find it to be smart business and a testament to the quality of their products. It is a smart business because they invest in the best form of marketing possible. They need to produce a quality product because they've put all their marketing into their customers, so if the product doesn't work their marketing model collapses. I believe this is true of most MLM based companies.

I mention this because Young Living is a MLM company, and the EO brand that I use. 


Learning new skills

Most of my adult life has been spent engineering things; sitting my butt in front of a computer, crunching numbers, reviewing drawings, and sending/receiving emails. I confess my favorite forms of communication are anything in writing. Engineers don't like face to face time. 

This business has kicked my butt into some uncomfortable situations. Take my first vendor event. I lugged my box of oils into a conference center and set up a few diffusers. I stood there, and people approached me. Holy sh*t, I was about to be thrown into some social interactions with strangers. I might have peed my pants... just a little. Then something amazing happened; people approached me, asked questions, I shared naturally and openly, I had a lot of amazing conversations. I learned more about myself and my abilities than I expected. (I was also slathered in my best oils for confidence and self esteem - go get em, Tiger!)

connecting to old friends

Being in this business has re-connected me to old friends I haven't talked to in years; friends from High School, Childhood friends, family friends. How many friends on your Facebook have turned into friendships through posts and pictures? We like posts and send the occasional comment, but there's not much conversation beyond that. 

This business has propelled me to reach out more, have the conversations over text or through phone calls. So many conversations have moved beyond Facebook that may have never done so before, and for that I am forever grateful. 

Meeting New Friends

I've met a lot of amazing people in this business. I have had opportunities to connect with others through marketing events or classes. I've also met a phenomenal group of business owners who have taught me so much, most of them women.