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about Me

My name is Christine. I was born and raised in Ohio. I now reside in Delaware with my husband, Jeff, and two children, Sullivan and Porter. I am an engineer by day, an Oily Skeptic by night, a wife and mother 24/7.


Things I love:

  • Good food

  • Good beer

  • Good friends

  • Family

  • Bulleted lists

  • Anything that makes me laugh

  • Loving life

  • Essential Oils

Things I don't love:

  • Anchovies

  • Negativity

  • Being tired

  • Being sick

  • Unorganized website content



My Start with oils


the first sniff

My first experience with essential oils was during the birth of my second son. It was at our local birth center (my first was born in a hospital), and when I felt the contractions overtake me and threaten to evacuate my breakfast the midwife grabbed a bottle of peppermint oil, uncapped it, and put it under my nose. As I inhaled I immediately felt my breakfast settle back into my stomach, and as the contraction subsided I thought "Holy crap... that worked?" Peppermint and I were BFFs through the next few contractions and I'm very happy to say my breakfast never made an appearance. 

why I needed them in my home

Fast forward a few months and two of my good friends started using essential oils on a regular basis. Whenever I would visit their homes it smelled DIVINE. Do you have spaces that just make you feel comfortable because they smell so good? For me I think of the yoga studio, a massage therapist's space, the spa... Not only was I enjoying the smell in their homes, but not once did I walk in and feel my nose twitch and itch like it does in some spaces that use other means to scent the air. "What is this voodoo magic?!"

My house? Well, I won't lie, my house smelled of stale cheerios, dog, and some unidentified funkiness that just brought my mood down when I came home from work. Lame. Burning candles just isn't practical when you have two kids in the house, or if you tend to completely forget about them and leave the house. I decided that I needed a diffuser, and I needed some essential oils in my life. Dang it I was going to enjoy my home.

Why Young Living

I started looking at brands and Young Living was top on my list since my friends were using them. I did a lot of research and briefly thought about purchasing some cheap oils on Amazon, or another brand from their website. Then I came across some information that really resonated with me about the quality of oils and why it matters. 

Essential Oils are a highly unregulated market. There's not a solid way to judge if a bottle of essential oils is pure/diluted, natural/synthetic, or high quality/low quality. The scary fact is anyone can put an oil in a bottle and label it "100% pure" and "therapeutic grade" - no one is controlling this. So how do you pick essential oils when there's no regulation? You have to find a company you trust. 

Young Living has been in the business of distilling essential oils since 1994. They own their own farms or partner with farmers. They control the process from "Seed to Seal" - planting the best seeds, growing plants in their native regions, hand weeding the crops, picking the best plants, distilling or cold pressing the oils, and bottling them. They also practice sustainable farming because they appreciate many of the plants grown for our use are a delicate commodity which needs to be appreciated. 

A strong testament to quality is their willingness to sacrifice sales for quality and sustainability. If there is a shortage of crops or a dip in quality they restrict purchases or simply put a product out of stock. It is a sad day for those of us who have fallen in love with their products and NEED that oil, but deep down it is reassuring. 

my first purchase

When it comes to picking essential oils quality matters. I knew I wanted high quality oils when I started using them because I knew the quality had something to do with my ability to enjoy them and not be irritated by them. Adulterated essential oils and perfume grade oils were probably responsible for wrecking havoc on my sensitive skin and allergies the past 30+ years of my life. If I was going to do this, dang it, I was going to do it right! I didn't know the rabbit hole I was jumping in to.

My friends at this point were not only on the essential oils bandwagon, but they were in hard and fast with Young Living... an MLM. I despised MLMs. In fact, I was resolved at one point to order a few cheap bottles of essential oils off Amazon just to save a few bucks and stick it to a MLM. You know what I did, though? I trusted my friend and ordered a PSK with her. I tried to research on my own which company is the best and everything lead me back to the same conclusion she had made.

I ordered a Premium Starter Kit with the 11 oils and a diffuser, then added some Citrus Fresh, SniffleEase, and some of the "herb" oils (Rosemary, Basil, Oregano, Sage). I jumped right in signing up for the monthly rewards program and getting all the free stuff I could. I put all my chips in the pot, all my eggs in one basket. 

I decided that I needed a diffuser, and I needed some essential oils in my life. Dang it I was going to enjoy my home.

getting into the business

When my kit arrived I knew I was probably going to get into the business side. One thing I wanted to do differently was document my experiences from the beginning. I thought it would be easier to be honest before getting heavily invested in a business. Within days of getting my kit I started my first Facebook Group, The Oily Skeptic's Experiments. Here I tried to document my experiences and reactions to oils and their effects from day one. (It is a closed group, but anyone can request access and scroll through my history.)

After starting this group friends and family started reaching out and asking questions. I shared as much information as I could, sent out some samples, and some started following me down this crazy rabbit hole. It was then I realized this was actually going to happen. I was truly starting a business. The excitement propelled me to keep sharing. 

Now here I am with my own website. A few years into the business and I find my reasons for continuing the business remain.

  • Share what I love with others

  • Expand my social network to include more women (not a lot of women in engineering or in my house)

  • Practice my presentation skills

Regardless of how many members join me, my number one goal will always be education and sharing the lifestyle.



Meet Erle


The Cutest Erlenmeyer flask You’ve Ever Met…

Not just a creepy guy in a basement. Born in 2018, he adorns my logo as a symbol of:

  • Science

  • Logic

  • Happiness

  • Plant Based Goodness

  • Drops of Love